Keelan Fadden-Hopper


I work in urban mobility innovation at Transport for West Midlands. My academic background is a liberal arts degree which included everything from data analysis to urban policy (with a lot more in between!). Since I think the most powerful innovation comes from intersections between different fields, I continue to try to cross boundaries and bring diverse ideas to the table (currently, mostly bringing design thinking into transport technology).

I like Mobility as a Service, road user charging, systems thinking, mobility credits, fares policy, APIs, customer information, international rail, data science, open data, security, privacy, and being climate aware!

Some of the projects I've been involved in are: a Facebook Messenger quizbot delivered for the English National Opera, aimed at increasing engagement with young people through an engaging journey to find an opera they would be interested in; The Electionary, a website analysing the use of language in American Presidential Election campaigns from 1960 up to the present day; and a report delivered to the Greater London Authority on ensuring citizens' interests are protected as their data is used in innovative ways.

Contact me on Twitter, LinkedIn or GitHub, or email me at any address at this domain.

Geographically, I'm located in Birmingham, UK.